Estate Sale & Consignment Commissions Miami

Estate Sales: No out-of-pocket costs to you… only a commission on the sales that we generate.

First and foremost, we completely align our interests with yours during the estate sale process. We do this by only charging a commission on the sales that we generate. This is unlike many other estate sale companies, which charge back fees and expenses just to hold a sale. Our only charging a commission assure your family that we are incentivized to maximize your proceeds, since for every additional dollar that we generate, we both earn more. This is not the case with many other estate sale companies, which will combine your things with others’ items, sell them for whatever they can get, take their percentage plus high fees, and simply work on volume. That is not how we do business. In order to determine a commission rate, we will need to tour the home (this takes only about 15 to 20 minutes) so we have an idea of what we will be selling and the time and effort that it will take to do so. We can then give an estimate, further explain the estate sale process, and answer any questions that you may have. And please remember, consultations are always FREE.

Consignments: A commission on each item’s sale price, dependent upon the value of the item. The above applies.

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